Mission Complications

This list is to give you some idea of the things that can go wrong and complicate a mission. Of course there are over two billion things that could go wrong but this list might help get you on the track.

“BUG” IN GEAR: The enemy is able to track the movements of the unit and maybe listen in on conversations. This can be fatal if the enemy is interested in stopping the unit.

ASSIST ADJACENT UNIT: In addition to their own responsibilities the unit must help another unit for some reason.

BETRAYED: Someone has betrayed the unit to the enemy.

COMM DESTROYED/LOST: This is a major problem. If the unit can’t call for extraction then how will they get away. How can they call for fire support or assistance. Communication is often very critical and its loss can be fatal.

ENEMY BREAKS CODES: This can be disastrous. The enemy can now listen in on radio transmissions, jam them or fake them.

ENEMY SPECIAL FORCES/CYBORGS/Powered Armor: The enemy has dispatched an elite group to destroy the unit. Usually the unit will be seriously outgunned.

EQUIPMENT FAILURE/BREAKAGE: The most common complication. By design military equipment is supposed to be rugged, but frequently the people are tougher than the equipment. It is very common for a unit to carry backups for when (not if) the original breaks down or fails.

EXPERIMENTAL GEAR/WEAPONS: The unit or individual is tasked with testing something under real battlefield conditions. Lack of familiarity and the fact the item does not work as advertised can cause severe trouble.

EXTRACTION DESTROYED: This is usually very bad news and for one reason or another the unit’s escape route has been destroyed.

FRIENDLY OPPOSITION: Internal politics forces the unit to go up against friendly units. The friendly units may or may not be aware of what is going on.

HEAVY PATROLS: For one reason or another the enemy has a large number of patrols out. The presence of so many patrols can mean the enemy is expecting them, they are very protective of something or they are looking for someone/something. Either way it makes it more dangerous because enemy reinforcements can arrive at any time.

INCOMPETENT OFFICER/SNCO: An inexperienced or just plain incompetent Staff NCO or Officer is assigned to the unit. In some cases the incompetent will let a more experienced individual guide them through the operation, sometimes they don’t and their actions can threaten or compromise the mission.

INSERTION COMPROMISED: The unit lands in the designated area but the enemy is either waiting for them or learns about them thereby threatening the success of the mission.

MISSION COMPROMISED: The enemy has become aware of the units mission and is taking appropriate action.

NATURAL OBSTACLES: The unit runs into something that what not expected like an unscalable cliff or the stream is too deep and infested with hostile creatures.

SABATOGED GEAR: Someone sabotaged a critical piece of equipment. It may be accidental or on purpose.

SAFEGUARD POLITICIAN/REPORTER/ECT.: This can be a nightmare. Sometimes higher ranking individuals will send (or be pressured to send) an observer with a mission group who must not come to harm and does not contribute to the mission success.

SUICIDE MISSION: Sometimes the high command asks for volunteers, sometimes it doesn’t and neglects to tell the ‘volunteers’.

THIRD PARTY ATTACKING OBJECTIVE: For one reason or another the unit encounters another group either attacking or preparing to attack their objective. This third party can be allies, competitors or another enemy.

TRANSPORT DAMAGED ENROUTE: This can cause a great many problems for the unit. What about the pilot? Is the transport able to get them all the way to their objective? Is their mission compromised? Is the transport their way out? What do they do with the transport when it can’t fly anymore?

UNTRAINED PERSONEL: The presence of an observer, politician or some other individual not trained or experienced can threaten the unit through his/her actions. A downed pilot can also cause trouble if he/she is forced to accompany a special ops team.

WRONG DROP ZONE: By accident (or design) the pilot inserted the team into the wrong area.

WRONG TARGET LOCATION: Due to a mistake at Intelligence their objective isn’t where they were told it was and they must find it.