Rick Partlow

Author of the following great Military SF series;

The complete collection of Duty, Honor, Planet; Honor Bound and The Line of Duty. Join Fleet Intelligence officers Jason McKay and Shannon Stark as they and their special operations team confront a ruthless, enigmatic enemy that threatens the very survival of the human Republic. As the story continues through the three books, they begin to wonder if the biggest threat to their interstellar civilization comes from without…or within.

The complete collection of the Birthright trilogy: Birthright, Northwest Passage and Enemy of My Enemy.

Caleb Mitchell is a human weapon, engineered into a biologically enhanced killing machine in the war with the alien Tahni. The war is long over and now he just wants to live a normal life as a constable on his homeworld of Canaan…but his life is torn apart when a Corporate Council mineral scout comes to him with a tale of discovering incredibly advanced alien technology from the fabled race known only as the Predecessors. Someone in the monolithic, power-hungry Corporate Council doesn’t want that story to get out…and they’ll kill anyone to stop it, including Caleb and his family.

Cal is drawn into a star-spanning conspiracy which lead him and the people he loves across the galaxy and back, and might plunge the human Commonwealth into a devastating war.